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Foto Studio New Life Photography

Kumpulan foto2 studio dari klien2 New Life Photography.

New Life Photography Team
Photo by Yohanes, Ripto & Gani.
Make up & Hair Do by Nani, Listy, Hesty, Ida
Wardrobe …

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New Life Studio 1


Studio baru New Life Photography akhir nya kelar juga pengerjaan nya, setelah memakan waktu beberapa bulan… Studio baru ini yang merupakan perpaduan unik dari semi …

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gaun malam 01 Eternek-Tosca

Contoh Gaun Malam New Life Photography

Beberapa contoh2 gaun malam yang tersedia di New Life Photography. Kami memiliki koleksi puluhan gaun2 malam, gaun pesta, gaun wedding, kebaya dll.

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Baby Jessica

She is fresh from Heaven. If you lean in close enough you can smell eternity lingering on her skin. She is perfect, her little head …

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Pre Wedding Studio: Ricky & Elsa

Our Photo Studios session with Ricky and Elsa.

NEW LIFE Photography Team
Photo by Yohanes with Ripto
Makeup & Hair Do by Listy
Dress by Aci

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Foto Studio: Nita & Adiguna

Untuk pengambilan foto studio ini berlokasi di New Life Studio dengan gaya pengambilan foto yang sedikit soft.

Photo by Gani
Make up & Hair Do by Listy
Wardrobe …

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foto pre wedding : Melody 4

Potrait: Melody

…Isn’t she so lovely?

Photographing the lovely Melody was one of the highlights of this month for me. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is …

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