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Pre Wedding Foto: Taufik & Intan

Taufik & Intan are such a fun couple and I am so happy for them. They want something cool and sexy for their pre wedding …

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Macau Pre Wedding 3

MACAU Pre Wedding: Maggie Hu & Tony Leung

One of the best parts of my job as photographer / life capturer is that I am able to travel to so many places. This …

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Pre Wedding Four Season 3

Pre Wedding: Alvin & Martha

This couple, location, atmosphere…everything was just amazing. We felt so lucky to have a privilege to capture moments in Alvin and Martha’s life and soon …

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THAILAND Prewed: Prima & Arghia

I had such a wonderful time with Prima & Anggi during their prewedding photo session last week. They are such a beautiful young couple, poised …

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Contoh-contoh foto dari paket fotobooth New Life Photography.

Unlimited Time, Unlimited Photos!
Printer Kodak
1 Photographer & Assistant, Notebook & Paper

Free Layout Frame Photo
Photobooth Accessories
Untuk harga paket …

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Wedding: Handres & Kartika

Wedding Day: Handres & Kartika
Diperbarui pada hari Senin
Theres is something unique and beautiful about Handres & Kartika wedding, because part of Indonesian and part of …

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Pre Wedding Singapore Denis-5b

SINGAPORE Pre Wedding: Denis & Budhi

We only had 1 day to prepare this prewedding shot & it must be done at Singapore… so we grab our tools and flight to …

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Baby Jessica

She is fresh from Heaven. If you lean in close enough you can smell eternity lingering on her skin. She is perfect, her little head …

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Pre wedding-Gian-Susanti

Pre Wedding: Gian & Susanti

These two, they make our job easy. So sweet together and so in love, Gian & Susanti are a dream couple to photograph. The couple …

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Pre Wedding: Chandra & Maya

These two, they make our job easy. So sweet together and so in love. Thank you both for being so wonderful during our shoot.
It …

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Foto Keluarga: Limantoro & Family

A lovely family photo. They love each others!

Photo by Yohanes

Click the pictures below and push the Play …

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Wedding Day: Ivan & Selvy

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Gani, Dwi & Yohanes
Video by Febri & Yosef

See our Ivan …

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Pre Wedding: Leo & Sherly

Our Leo & Sherly prewedding shot took place at unique house with Marrocan architecture and Mediterranean ambience at Marocco House.

We have a lot of …

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Foto Pre Wedding: Aldrin & Valeria

Our photo session at beautiful old city of Jakarta: Sunda Kelapa & Kota Tua

Photo by: Yohanes & Haikal
Makeup by: Devi
Dress by Acih

[label icon=”icon-gift” …

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Pre Wedding Studio: Ricky & Elsa

Our Photo Studios session with Ricky and Elsa.

NEW LIFE Photography Team
Photo by Yohanes with Ripto
Makeup & Hair Do by Listy
Dress by Aci

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Pre Wedding: Handres & Kartika

A lovely Prewedding session at Kebun Raya Bogor.

New Life Photography Team:
Photo by Ripto & Gani
Makeup & Hair Do by Listy

[special_font size=”16″ …

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Wedding Day: Regan & Nina

We are fortunate to get the opportunity to shoot Regan & Nina wedding. Regan is an Autralian & Nina is Javanese, they met in Bali, …

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Pre Wedding: Riki & Nidia

‘Our Fairy Tale’ is the theme for this prewedding. When the Prince met the Princess in the forest, they fell in love at the first …

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Pre Wedding: Nova & Charles

We took our pre-wedding shot at The Breeze cafe in Jakarta, the couple wanted some intimate, simple and elegance prewedding session. Their smile, their …

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Liputan Wedding Adat Jogja-Caesar-10a

Wedding Day: Caesar & Severine

Caesar & Severine menikah dengan adat jogja di Bandung

( …to be continued, more photos will be uploaded )

PHOTO by Gani and Yohanes

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Foto Studio New Life Photography

Kumpulan foto2 studio dari klien2 New Life Photography.

New Life Photography Team
Photo by Yohanes, Ripto & Gani.
Make up & Hair Do by Nani, Listy, Hesty, Ida
Wardrobe …

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foto prewedding ancol herry 2

Pre Wedding: Herry & Tissa

One of the best parts of my job as a photographer is that I am able to be around people in love. Herry and Tissa …

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Pre Wedding: Olivia & Ranu

I love spending time with couples in love. Their joy in each other is so sweet. So it is with Olia and Ranu. They are …

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Pre Wedding: Firman & Nova

Firman & Nova are a very special couple. You can tell from these images just how cute and fun they are. Next month they will …

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Liputan Wedding Bali Andry 20

Wedding Day: Andry & Meylany

We have heavy rain for 2 days in Bali and we have to shot Outdoor almost entirely.
For two days we never see the sun, but …

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Foto Studio: Nita & Adiguna

Untuk pengambilan foto studio ini berlokasi di New Life Studio dengan gaya pengambilan foto yang sedikit soft.

Photo by Gani
Make up & Hair Do by Listy
Wardrobe …

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Pre Wedding Outdoor di Banten-2

Pre Wedding: Frank & Eunice

First time I met with Frank & Eunice, I knew that their prewedding photos would be great, and it really is.
Although we start with a …

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Foto Pernikahan Bernard Aling 27

Wedding Day: Aling & Bernard

Finally they’re married! … after 2 prewed session with us…

Bride & Groom Preparation process…

( …to be continued, more photos will be uploaded )

PHOTO by Eko, …

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Foto Pre Wedding Kota Tua Nunung Benny 3

Pre Wedding: Nunung & Benny

It was fun to take picture of Nunung & Benny. They are adorable couple, humble and very traditional. We created something nostalgic and memorable of …

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Foto Pernikahan Kota Tua 6

Foto Pre Wedding: Grand & Mona

Untuk foto prewedding Grand dan Mona ini, kita mencoba eksperiman dengan teknik pencahayaan dan editan yang sengaja dibuat “over” dari biasa nya. Teknik pencahayaan yang …

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Prewedding Aling & Bernard at Singapore 5

Singapore Prewed: Aling & Bernard

Aling & Bernard will marry in Dec 2012, so we take a time to take another prewed shot at Singapore, before their wedding shots.

These …

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foto pre wedding : Melody 4

Potrait: Melody

…Isn’t she so lovely?

Photographing the lovely Melody was one of the highlights of this month for me. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is …

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Pre Wedding: Aditya & Ajeng 12

Foto Pre Wedding: Aditya & Ajeng

Aditya & Ajeng pre wedding was absolutely fantastic!

From the moment Aditya & Ajeng started getting ready till the last picture was just amazing.
We shot their …

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Liputan Wedding Yuri Irene 20

Wedding Day: Yuri & Irene

First time I met Yuri & his fiancee Irene in Semarang when I was taking photos of their engagement.

We spent there a day, but I …

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Foto Pre Wedding Nico & Sasa 5

Pre Wedding: Nico & Sasa

Nico and Sasa are a wicked and fun couple!

The shot was taken at Bali for 2 days. The weather was just perfect. They both …

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Wedding Ceremony: Irwan & Jessica 23

Wedding Day: Irwan & Jessica

Irwan & Jessica are good friends of my sister, and it was an honor to be a part of their wedding day. It was awesome …

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Foto Pre Wedding Chandra Grace 5

Pre Wedding: Chandra & Grace

Chandra and Grace are two awesome people who gave me the honor to capture the most exciting day of their life, which indeed was exciting! …

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Foto Pre Wedding Yuri & Irene 6

Pre Wedding: Yuri & Irene

It was a lot of fun to photograph Yuri and his beautiful fiancee Irene at Yogyakarta.
The couple are both shy, but we get a lot …

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Wedding Ceremony Aliung & Evy 6

Wedding Ceremony: Aliung & Evy

I was told at the last time to take shot at this wedding day. But Aliung and Evy made sure to make their wedding day …

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Pre Wedding: Ica & Resti 6

Pre Wedding: Ica & Resti

Ica & Resti are 2 very incredible people, and very unique!

These guys are adorable and are so much fun. Enjoy their photos as really they …

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Pre Wedding Bernard & Aling 2

Foto Pre Wedding: Bernard & Dian

It was a lot of fun to photograph Bernard & Dian.
Both are adorable. We knew they are going to have an amazing wedding.
Hope you …

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Foto Potrait Angelina 4

Potrait: Angelina

I love this portfolio. It is a wonderful representation of the magical place and this beautiful girl.
Angelina is absolutely the center of attention. She …

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Foto Potrait Winny 2

Potrait: Winny

I had the joy of capturing Winny.

She is so genuine and kind.
I discovered that if I wanted to get her smiling and talking, …

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