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The Wedding of Fajar & Az Zahra

I am so happy to finally post Fajar & Az Zahra’s wedding photos. It has been a busy year for me. I had no idea how much work I was in for. But at last, their images are finished. I am so happy to share them. They had a miracle on their wedding day. The forecast said there would be rain. Everyone was preparing for the worst, with the wedding being outdoors. Then I prayed, “Lord, please give Fajar & Az Zahra a beautiful day for their wedding. Please blow the rain away for one more day.” I know I was not the only one praying this. There were many other prayer warriors asking for sunshine that day, and the Lord heard our prayers. They were married at Damai Indah Golf, Bumi Serpong Damai. Such a beautiful venue. It was so sweet to observe this. Get ready for a lot of images!

Photo by Ripto, Yohanes & Eko.

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