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New Life Video: Behind The Scene – SEE THIS FIRST!

Our vision of pre wedding or wedding video has to be spontaneous, full of life and celebrate love, that is what impassions us in this profession.

1st Birthday of Valerie Joanna

Video Clip by New Life Photography.

The Wedding of Steven & Irina

Location at Hotel Mulia.

Pre Wedding of Fendy & Shinta

Video Clip by New Life Photography.

Invitation Video Clip Ardy & Grace

Video Clip by New Life Photography.

The Wedding of Fariz & Julia

Wedding Video by New Life Photography.

The Wedding of Nicky & Cindy

Wedding Video by New Life Photography.

Bromo Prewedding

Video Clip by New Life Photography.

Pre Wedding of Elvi & Frenky

Video Clip by New Life Photography.

The Wedding of Yohanes & Elizabeth

Wedding Video by New Life Photography.

Swan Jewellery & May May Bridal Anniversary

Liputan anniversary berlokasi di Mal Taman Anggrek by New Life Photography.

The Wedding of William & Angelina

Wedding Video by New Life Photography.

The Wedding of Michael & Melisa

Wedding Video by New Life Photography.

Wedding at BALI, Anantara Hotel

Photo & Video Clip by New Life Photography.

Felix & Ingrid Video & Foto Clip

Photo & Video Clip by New Life Photography.

The Wedding of Eddy & Ellen

Wedding Video of Eddy & Ellen by New Life Photography.

Save The Date Wedding at Anantara, Bali

Save The date Wedding Video by New Life Photography.
Shooting mostly using GoPro 4

Save The Date Fariz & Julia Wedding

Save The Date Fariz & Julia Wedding

Video Behind The Scene Pre Wedding at Japan: Indra & Aylia

Behind The Scene Pre Wedding Photo Session at Tokyo Japan with Indra & Aylia by New Life Photography

Engagement Video ( Sangjit ) at Shanghai Blue

An engagement video by New Life Videography Team at Shanghai Blue

Birthday Invitation Video: Cindy 16 th

Birthday invitation video for Cindy on her 16th birthday party.

Ulang tahun Ceacile

Liputan video ulang tahun Ceacile.
By New Life Videography Team

The Wedding of Angga & Monica

Angga and Monica cried and laughed a lot with each other and take every opportunity to remind them that they are together forever now.
Have a beautiful marriage, Angga and Monica. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Company Profile: Mahkota Property

Proyek New Life Photography tentang profil perusahaan dari Mahkota Property

Pre Wedding of Fariz & Julia at Sampoerna Strategic Square

Pre Wedding of Fariz & Julia at Sampoerna Strategic Square

Behind The Scene: Foto Prewedding Ivan & Venty

Behind The Scene from Prewedding session of Ivan & Venty.

Fariz & Julia Dance Version

Pre Wedding Story of Hendra & Emilia

Pre wedding Angga & Monica

The Wedding of Arghia & Prima

There’s a certain kind of mystical aura surrounding a traditional wedding of Prima and Arghia. The emotion between the bride and the groom, or between the bride and her parents, or the bride and her friends makes the video so heartwarming.

Pre Wedding at Tidung Island: Ricky & Elsa

Another pre-wedding shoot in Thousand Islands. I think I’ve been shooting on these islands too many times. But the thought of it always brings such warmth to our heart. And these amazing couple, they may so different as night and day, and yet they are so perfect together. Ricky only cares about giving Elsa what she wants.

Marocco Pre Wedding: Leo & Sherly

We’d like to share with you a prewedding video we took of this loving couple – so loving that you just gotta fall in love with them instantly.

Love Journey at Bidadari Island: Teguh & Lenna

A Preview of Teguh & Lenna prewedding session, before their wedding – with us too! Teguh & Lenna, Thanks for trusting us, beautiful people! enjoy your sweet, sweet journey.

The Wedding of Helvin & Richa at Marina Bay, Ancol.

Helvin & Richa were married on a beautiful outdoor wedding at Ancol Bay. I think it was God’s way of blowing them a kiss, giving them a kaleidoscope of colors in the trees, sweet bay scene and lot of sunshine.
Blessings, Helvin & Richa! May your life together be full of laughter, love and hope for the days ahead.


I am so grateful to finally be posting Rendy & Merryka’s wedding. They have transparent hearts, their beautiful friends and family, all of these are part of the reason I adore them. I feel so privileged to have been part of their day at Capella Hotel, Singapore.

A Pre Wedding Video at Pari Island.

We are so blessed to know Daniel & Rita. They wants something fun for their pre wedding session. Very, very soon these two sweethearts will be another blissfully happy married couple. We are so excited to prepare another photography project for their wedding. We had so much fun, talking about, laughing and eating good food together. May God bless your marriage and all your years together.

The Wedding of Albert & Shena

We always glad when we get to post a wedding. It’s like reliving the beauty of the day all over again. Albert & Shena had such a gorgeous day to be wed. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it was like God blew us a kiss with beautiful magic hour light as they exited the ceremony. They are off to a great start! Blessings to you Albert & Shena! Here are some highlights of your day.

Singapore Pre-Wedding Video Clip: Hanly & Gabrila

Wedding At Bali: Andry & Meylany. 

Pre Wedding Video of Prima & Anggi

We had such a wonderful time with Prima & Anggi during their prewedding video session. They are such a beautiful young couple, poised and fun to be with. Prima is an amazing chef and Anggi is an aspiring singer and we enjoyed getting their perspective for her shoot. We tried a few different looks with them.

Same Day Edit Wedding Video: Benny & Selviana

Benny & Selviana both are friendly and beautiful people. They always smile for the cameras and stealing the spotlight. They have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of each other that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.
Enjoy their wedding video.

The Wedding of Regan & Nina

We are fortunate to get the opportunity to shoot Regan & Nina wedding. Regan is an Autralian & Nina is Javanese, they met in Bali, fall in love and we have a beautiful Javanese wedding ceremony at Jakarta.

Night Pre Wedding of Nanda & Ika

Nanda & Ika want a night scene for their prewedding video, so we choose location around Thamrin and Kemang for this video prewedding… Enjoy!

Pre Wedding Video: Adrian & Windy

Adrian & Windy are getting married. They are cute and fun. They have a really amazing story about how they met. It was there that they got the very first glimpses into each other’s hearts and their story began.
Next month they will be married and we are so excited that we get to do their wedding photography. We know their wedding will be beautiful, so we are so excited for them.

The Wedding of Zaza & Vicky

This is one of the our most prestigious wedding receptions of the year.
Thanks for Zaza & Vicky that allow us to capture one of most important moments of your life.

Liputan Akad Nikah: Willy & Putri

Same Day Edit Wedding Video: Ivan & Selvy

Pre-Wedding Video: Handres & Kartika

World Of Wedding Exhibition with Duma Riris Silalahi

A New Life videography project for MayMay bridal from World of Wedding Exhibition.

Pre-Wedding Video Clip: Aloi & Kuanmi

Pre-Wedding Video Clip: Love Story of Andy & Lia

Betawi Wedding & Akad Nikah: Mayyada Az Zahra Syihab and Fajar Saputra. 

Pre-Wedding Video Clip: Azzara & Vicky

Wedding Day Clip: Ito & Nana

Wedding Day Clip: Roland & Astri




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